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All Launch enrollments must come from a Missouri school district partner. Once parents talk to their child’s school counselor about enrolling, Launch works with the school district on next steps. Students work with their home school district counselor to select course(s) that best meet their learning needs.

Launch provides parents and guardians with an enrollment report before the student’s course begins (or, if they’re enrolling later in the term, after they are enrolled). This report includes login information such as usernames and passwords for both the student’s account and the parent’s monitoring account.

Yes. Launch provides parents with a parent observer account as well as access to a Parent Portal where they can see their child’s grades, courses, teacher information and more.

Launch students contact their teachers with content-related questions, and they’re also able to set up tutoring with their teachers as needed. If students have tech issues, they may contact our technical support team 7 days a week by live chat through Canvas, by phone at 417-523-0417 or email at

Yes. Since all of Launch’s curriculum is aligned to Missouri learning standards, it covers the same topics and units that are delivered in seated school buildings. Launch’s digital development team works with teachers and curriculum specialists from Springfield Public Schools to write course content. This content is delivered by Missouri teachers who live in and work at Missouri school districts statewide.

Each Launch course is taught by a highly-qualified Missouri certified teacher who lives and works in a Missouri school district. Elementary students have fully synchronous learning with personalized instruction, and secondary students have the option to take live or asynchronous courses.

No! Launch limits class sizes in accordance with DESE to allow each of our teachers to provide more one-on-one instruction and support for each student. Launch teachers work to build relationships with parents and families.

Launch recruits and trains experienced Missouri certified teachers to write and teach Launch courses. All teachers hold current, valid Missouri teaching certificates and are considered experts in their field. To apply for a Launch teaching position go to

Launch is an online virtual program administered by a non-profit Missouri school. Housed at Springfield Public Schools in Springfield, MO, Launch has access to thousands of Missouri educators across the state who not only teach the courses, but write them too. Launch’s state-wide collaborative approach has ultimately lead to a unique opportunity to offer access to instruction and courses that would not otherwise be available due to lack of resources and teachers in some districts. Educators across the state are networking and learning together like never before to reach common goals - educating Missouri’s children. In addition, revenue generated at Launch goes directly back into educating Missouri children and not into the pockets of for-profit organizations.

Online courses developed through Launch undergo a rigorous development process that starts with Missouri teachers designing courses using Missouri Learning Standards, utilizing curriculum experts and Digital Learning Developers. A formal review process is also built into all course development. The annual review process ensures courses maintain relevance, contain the latest resources, and meet accessibility compliance.

Yes. Students may add classes, withdrawal from classes and more with a bit of assistance. Launch partner district students can make changes with their school district’s counselor or Launch liaison.

Yes. Launch can make accommodations listed in IEP and 504 plans. In addition, Launch offers special education services for a variety of core courses at the secondary level. If you would like to learn more about enrolling your child into Launch’s special education courses, reach out to your home school counselor.

First, relax! All student workbooks are mailed directly to homes. (In fact, it may be in your mailbox right now!) If not, your teacher can make a request to have a new workbook sent to you. Your teacher will confirm your mailing address with your parent or guardian.

Stay calm—your teacher will be understanding if you have not yet received your heartrate monitor, and we will do our best to get it to you ASAP! If you’re a Launch partner district student, you should contact your school counselor or Launch liaison and ask if your heartrate monitor is waiting at the school for pick up. If you are an SPS student, contact your teacher.

Elementary P.E. courses do not use heartrate monitoring, so elementary students will not be provided with heartrate monitors for their physical education class.

To be able to access everything in their online classes, students need to log in to both their online course and their Google Drive account. To log in to Google Drive, students use their name as their username; their password will be the same default password that they used to log in to your online course. If you still cannot log in, you may call the support team at 417-523-0417 or email

All Launch partner districts are charged a one-time joining fee based on K-12 size. In addition, school districts are charged a tuition for each student’s enrollment(s). Since all parents and guardians must enroll children through their home school district, parents and guardians are not charged tuition for Launch courses. School districts may request pricing information from Marketing & Engagement manager Savannah Waszczuk at